Dampier is a major industrial port in the Pilbara region in the northwest of Western Australia. It is located near the city of Karratha and Port Walcott. Dampier Port is part of the Dampier Archipelago and is primarily a port for the export of iron ore from Rio Tinto mines, LNG and salt.

The town of Dampier is about a 20 km drive northwest of Karratha.  Dampier is a picturesque coastal town situated alongside Hampton Harbour on WA’s Pilbara Coast.  It is the gateway to the Dampier Archipelago, a spectacular group of 42 islands, outcrops, and islets renowned for their pristine beauty and considerable marine biodiversity.

Dampier sits on a Rio Tinto townsite lease, surrounded by a mine site lease.  Construction started in 1966 as the residential hub associated with a port and processing centre for Hamersley Iron’s inland Pilbara iron ore mines, the town’s population over the last 50 years has mostly been comprised of people employed in mining and related industries.

Dampier and surrounds are home to an array of animal, marine and birdlife, including, but not limited to, kangaroos, bats, turtles, eagles, lizards, and snakes.  There is a large local kangaroo and wallaby population which is particularly at risk due to their interactions with roads and vehicles.  Drivers should exercise caution when using roads in and around Dampier, especially between dusk and dawn, as macropods are most active between these hours.

The region has a desert climate which sees year-round sunshine for a range of marine and leisure activities.  Having over 3,700 hours of annual sunshine, it is one of the sunniest places in Australia! With its inviting beachfront, nearby archipelago, boat ramps, picnic, and barbecue facilities, Dampier is a popular destination for families, boating enthusiasts, fishermen, and divers wanting to explore the coral reef and sandy bays.


Founded: 1965

Postal code: 6713

Location: 19 km from Karratha; 1,562 km  from Perth

Population: 1,104