Gnoorea Point, also known as 40 Mile, is a natural, coastal camping area.



The splendour of the bay offers quality fishing and protection for those wishing to cool off in the tranquil waters.

The camp area offers a natural boat ramp, public toilets for day users and sullage disposal points. NOTE there is no drinking water available on site. Drinking water is available in Karratha

Nature based campsite consisting of 134 separate camps along the coastline. Varying surfaces. Campsites 1 – 35 Sandy Surface – Suitable Camper/Off Road Vans Campesite 36 – Very Soft Surface – Suitable Tents/Swags/ Camper Campsites 37 – 54 Firm Sand – Suitable for any vehicle Campsite 55 – 110 Firm Ground – Suitable for any Vehicle Campsite 111 – 114 Sandy Surface – Suitable for any vehicle Campsite 115 – 118 Soft Sand – Suitable for any vehicle.

Note: Camping permit MUST be paid online before arrival and there is NO drinking water available on site.

Camping season runs from 1 May to 30 September. Camping fees apply during this time and are paid in advance by booking online or visiting the Karratha Tourism & Visitor Centre on De Witt Road Karratha.



  • One Vehicle (trailer/camper in tow) per campsite. 
  • Please leave the campsite clean and tidy by MIDDAY of your departure date.
  • Camp only within the existing campsites.
  • Campers MUST only camp on the campsite they have booked.
  • Camping is not permitted where coastal rehabilitation works have been undertaken.
  • Maintain 3m clearance between campsites.
  • Should you bring carpet or other flooring to place at your campsite it must be removed when you leave. A $200 on-the-spot fine can be issued if you leave it behind at the site or in bin areas; Karratha & Wickham tips are free.
  • Rubbish must be placed in the bins.
  • Bring your own firewood for cooking fires (no existing foliage to be damaged).
  • No open fires of any type on very high extreme or catastrophic fire danger days.
  • Antisocial behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Be courteous with the use of generators (switch off between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.).
  • Please stay on any existing footpaths or walk trails.
  • Animals are permitted subject to the following: All animals are to be enclosed in a caravan/ tent/ fenced area or suitable enclosure sufficient to contain the animal. If an animal cannot be enclosed the owner or person who has care/control of a dog is to ensure that the dog is kept on a leash and under full control of a responsible person. The owner or person who has control of the animal is to ensure that the animal is not a nuisance to any other person or animal. Penalties will apply.
  • Off-road vehicles are only permitted if the vehicle is a registered Off-Road Vehicle. Restrictions apply in relation to the age of the driver and passengers' safety equipment and noise regulations must be adhered to (Penalties apply). Off-road vehicles must keep to the designated tracks. 4WD vehicles, motorbikes, and quad bike owners and drivers have a responsibility or duty of care to help protect WA flora and fauna.
  • It is an offence to camp on private land without the consent of the landowner.


Cancellations accepted and full refund provided up until day of arrival. - Changes to booking accepted up until date of arrival. - Please leave campsite clean and tidy by MIDDAY of your departure date.

Open 24 hours.
Camping fees are based on a per night rate, with discounts available for longer stays. Campers may stay a maximum of 28 days within any three-month period. 

Off season runs from 1 October to 30 April each year. No fees apply during the off season. Campers may stay a maximum of three nights per 28 days. 

Caretakers on site 1st May – 30th September