Grateful Remnants

I hope you can drop in and experience some of this beautiful and inspiring Creative Textile Tranquility in the awesome Pilbara, Western Australia.

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Colours of the Pilbara infused into textile

To me, there is always a new technique to learn in the textile realm and over the past few years I have extended my skillset to include textile collage, thread painting, fabric crochet, rag weaving & slow stitching like Sashiko and Boro to name a few. Along the way I have gathered around me quite a few like-minded people and networked with many other talented textile artists.

Slow stitching, cottage crafts and similar textile/fibre techniques are making a resurgence in popularity as people are realising for the first time, or re-discovering, their therapeutic benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.   Holistic health approaches to people’s well-being now document the importance of including creative activities such as these in our regular routines.

Our Pilbara Region is an ancient and majestic land, full of rich culture and amazing colour. The very essence of the Pilbara is the perfect example of why so many people are captivated by the place I have been blessed to call home for over 16 years.  The colours, the history and the culture motivated me to create a series of Pilbara Inspired Patterns & Kits, along with bespoke, “one-off”, unique handmade dolls, bags, table runners, iPad covers, framed textile collage or stitcheries, quilts, wall hangings and other textile products.

Sue Philpot

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