Snorkelling & Diving

The Pilbara coastline and the Dampier Archipelago provide some of the most stunning underwater experiences with pristine reefs with abundant marine life.


An Abundance of Marine Life 

Apart from the pristine coastline there are many islands featuring steep rock piles, mangroves and sandy beaches that attract people who enjoy snorkelling and diving.

Diver’s delight

A pristine coastline dotted with sandy beaches provide great opportunities for snorkelling or diving straight off the beach.

The abundance and diversity of Marine life is second to none, and there's much to xplore. The Dampier Archipelago is the richest area of marine biodiversity known in Western Australia, with coral reefs, sponge gardens, seagrass and more than 650 fish species. The best diving is on the outer islands, such as Delambre, Legendre, Kendrew, Rosemary and Enderby, and on the reefs between them.

The 42 islands lie within a 45 kilometre radius of the town of Dampier.

Public boat ramps are located at Dampier, Karratha Back Beach, Johns Creek, Point Samson and Cossack. There are no facilities on the islands.

We recognise and acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of Dampier Archipelago.