staircase to the moon

This amazing natural phenomenon takes place along the Pilbara Coastline when the full moon rises across the exposed tidal flats creating the impression of a staircase leading to the moon.

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staircase to the moon

This natural phenomenom occurs along the Western Australian coast in many Pilbara Towns from March - November.

Hearson Cove, Cossack and Point Samson
Each location has a vantage point with expansive mudflats which makes them ideal spots to watch the staircase. Head out to Hearson Cove beach where there are free gas BBQ's, picnic shelters and toilets. Make your way to Cossack at up to Settlers Beach for a magical experience or continue to Point Samson and have a cold drink or dinner whilst watching the moon rise.

Karratha/Cossack/Point Samson Moon Rise Times for 2022


Port Hedland
A special Staircase to the Moon viewing deck is located next to the Discovery Caravan Park on Goode Street. 

May 2022                                                      June 2022                                                            July 2022                             
Tuesday 17th         6.37pm                      Wednesday 15th  6.22pm                              Thursday 14th   6.17pm
Wednesday 18th   7.37pm                      Thursday 16th      7.31pm                               Friday 15th          7.26pm
Thursday 19th       8.42pm                      Friday 17th            8.39pm                              Saturday 16th    8.31pm

August 2022                                               September 2022                                                October 2022
Friday 12th           6.10pm                        Sunday 11th         6.55pm                                Monday 10th         6.33pm
Saturday 13th      7.14pm                       Monday 12th        7.52pm                                 Tuesday 11th         7.29pm
Sunday 14th         8.14pm                       Tuesday 13th       8.47pm                                 Wednesday 12th  8.25pm

First Avenue in Onslow is a beautiful spot for Staircase to the Moon.

Onslow 2022_Staircase_Dates_and_Times_DL_Promo.png