Doolena Gorge

Doolena Gorge is about 41 kilometres north of Marble Bar on the Marble Bar-Port Hedland Road. The access road is on your left just after you cross the Coongan River. 


Doolena Gorge offers a unique free camping and exploring opportunity

 This stunning display can be enjoyed from the banks of the waterhole. Alternatively you can climb the gully to the top of the waterfall for a stunning outlook.

Located a half hour drive north of Marble Bar, which is known to be the hottest town in Australia, the shady water hole is a great spot for a refreshing swim. The pool is shaded by the cliff face and trees throughout much of the day. You can also camp overnight at the Gorge to allow yourself more time to explore the beautiful countryside.

A four wheel drive is recommended to explore the area. Alternatively tour operators offer an insightful tour of many attractions in the area. Visit Marble Bar’s visitors centre for further information. Doolena Gorge is a two hour drive south of Port Hedland. Regular flights link Port Hedland to Perth.